Yes folks, that's right... in order to "contribute" (be a contributor) to one of Mr. Samblis's 1 Habit books... you have to pay $250.00.  WOW... aren't contributors supposed to be paid instead of having to pay for the contribution ?   Check out this section from Mr. Samblis's web site.  Clear to see contributors need to pay $250.00.  But hey... they get 10-copies of the book when it's published.  So the question here is... are they paying to contribute, or is Mr. Samblis simply requiring any contributor to commit to buying 10 books.  Either way, any contributor needs to come up with $250.00 for the privilege of contributing to the book. 

A contributor needs to ask themselves... should I give my expertise and effort away for free (actually PAY $250.00), or does my contribution to the book have value such that I am deserving of compensation?  After all, Mr. Samblis earns profits from the sale of the books.  Looks like it's a really sweet deal for Mr. Samblis... he gets paid upfront for 10 books from each contributor, AND... presumably retains any profits from consumer sales.  However, perhaps consumers should be asking themselves, is the information in the books any good if the contributors are giving the information away for free.  Why wouldn't a consumer simply get the information from YouTube instead of paying $25.00 or more for one of the books. 


 So, as the graphic says... "Pay it Forward"... to Mr. Samblis !